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Phone 7" Vinyl (Clear) Limited Edition

Title: Phone
Format: 7" Vinyl (Clear)
Release Date: April 01, 2016

Side A
01)  Can't Keep Checking My Phone (SILICON Rework)
Side B
01)  Cellphone (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Rework)

Brothers Ruban and Kody Nielson have been playing, recording, and collaborating on music for decades. From the influences of their jazz musician father and dancer mother, Ruban and Kody have gone on to play in New Zealand's The Mint Chicks, and at its end in 2010, moved on to separate projects. Ruban formed Unknown Mortal Orchestra out of Portland, while Kody collaborated with various artists and musicians before his own solo project, SILICON, took shape. At the end of 2015, as UMO's Multi-Love and SILICON's Personal Computer made the rounds, garnering critical acclaim, Ruban and Kody (who played keyboards and drums on UMO's Multi-Love) took some time to rework tracks from each of their records. The theme of phones led to Kody working on UMO's "Can't Keep Checking My Phone," changing it from a bouncy, sprite disco track to a sparser song filled with space, treated vocals, and isolated drum breaks. Ruban's rework of SILICON's "Cellphone" is turned moody and dark, with a skittering beat and additional vocals.